Reinventing Architects

30.12.2021 Tokyo, Book Launch “Reinventing Architects”, including interviews with Koki Akiyoshi / Jill Rezin / Molly Claypool / Sumin Hahn / Christopher Robeller / Arthur Mamou Mani / Philip Yuan. Buy the book here

Demolition of the architect
Reinventing Architects

Author | Koki Akiyoshi / Jill Rezin / Molly Claypool / Sumin Hahn / Christopher Robeller / Arthur Mamou Mani / Philip Yuan

A collection of interviews that summarizes the trends of digital architecture that have spread simultaneously in the world since the financial crisis of 2008. The forefront of digital architecture and the image of future architects, talked about by the world’s architects and architectural theorists who use digital technology to innovate the state of architecture, and their parties, VUILD and Hiroki Akiyoshi.

“Architects are in the process of being demolished, but that’s not a negative thing for architecture and us. It’s not just demolished, but rather reinvented, a system architect that improves communities and the global environment. It is about to be reconstructed as an architect. Now that digital technology has demolished the design and production methods of architecture and architecture is about to become closer to us, what kind of figure will architects change? I wonder”
(Excerpt from “Introduction” by Hiroki Akiyoshi)

table of contents

Aesthetics, systems, architects in digital architectural production
Jill Rezin

Architectural theory in the automation era
Molly Claypool

The present of expanding digital design
Sumin Khan

An image of an interdisciplinary architect who goes back and forth between architectural design and production
Christopher Roberter

Open architectural ecology
Arthur Mamou Mani

Architecture of a society where digital is generalized
Philip Yuan

(* Contents are subject to change without notice)

Edited by: Kohei Haruguchi
Design: ido (Shohei Iida + Yuzu Okajima)
Specifications: B6 format variant, 232 pages
List price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Shipping: Scheduled for mid-February 2021